Sierra Bella Terra

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4047 sq ft  - 587 (subtract 1st floor master suite & bathroom (507 sq ft)  & upstairs 'South Loggia' area (80 sq ft) total: 588 sq ft = 3,459 AC space 


1. Conventional 2x6" frame

2. Exterior to be conventional cement scratch & brown coat "hard trowel"  covered with Italian plaster from .Vero-Rialto. Interior conventional drywall with Italian plaster finish. Initially, all wall surfaces, interior & exterior will be covered with Rialto Finish . Both exterior 'brown coat' and interior drywall to be 'bull-nosed' into door and window jambs (no trim).

3. Tile, 1st floor

4. Wood flooring, stairs, 2nd floor

5. Rubberized membrane for decks (expand, contract)

6. Metal roofing (lightweight) 'Barrel' style clay look alike  stone coating link

7. Infinity pool (in lieu of 10,000 gallon fire reservoir?)

8. DG materiel from foundation spread on bluff (not hauled off)

9 Wrought iron balustrade

Metal Roofing